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"Searching for a Note"

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We're the Innocence Theory and we're happy to announce our E.P release this month to the world for free!

Innocence Theory is an ambient,new age, indie artist collaboration project from Pune, India. Originally started as an unnamed 2 piece studio project over 2 years ago, their debut E.P brings together contrasting blend of sounds, emotions and musical philosophies. Their Debut E.P 'Searching for a Note' is now available online at the following locations
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    We've decided that we'll give out the E.P absolutely free for a reasonable period of time so that everyone can enjoy it. Nothing better than sharing some love and good music. If you wanna buy us beer or anything more, that's cool too!!

  • Sound

    The sound of Innocence Theory has elements from styles like ambient, post rock, stoner rock, instrumental, lounge, electro, acoustic music.

  • Searching for a Note

    The Debut E.P is a concept E.P containing 5 tracks that could appeal to various people in as many ways. 'Searching for a Note' is a reflection of a musical journey that has just begun.

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    Follow us on social media,spread the word, Show some love. We'll keep the music coming along.

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